Friday, June 20, 2014

Southern Beauty

The husband and I went for a Sunday stroll around the university lake a bit ago.  We are soaking up this southern summer as much as possible.  We had a lovely night, one that lacked only the fireflies, which I'm yearning to see.

Southern charm is infectious.  It permeates nearly everything--architecture, foliage, food preparation, store checkout lines.  The element it eludes is the driving manners--they are dismal.  But these homes and the fried chicken encourage us to overlook the rude driving.

^^I could not get the expanse of these trees within the scope of my lens.  I'm dying to climb up and swing my legs while eating a  peanut butter sandwich and chatting with Forrest Gump.

^^Among all the beautiful plantation-style homes we saw, this quaint, manicured cottage-style was Preston's favorite.

Have a happy weekend, friends.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Most of the time I prefer my pancakes thin, crispy, and topped with white sugar, sometimes homemade strawberry jam.  I roll up my pancake and eat it in two to three bites. Some of the time, however, I do eat my pancakes with syrup.  It has to be pure maple syrup.  And that is when my pancakes have chocolate chips in them.  And I only like my pancakes to have chocolate chips if they are fluffy.

Last week the craving was for thin, small pancakes with granulated sugar.  Tonight, these fluffy, rich babies.  (Try the recipe if you know what's good for you.)

The husband is at a work meeting till late. So it is just me, the dog, that stack, and the World Cup tonight. Boom, baby.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Cougar is a Graduate.

My family just waved off its last 4th generation Davis Dart.  My youngest brother's class is memorable--the 100th graduating class at Davis High.  The centennial year has been a celebrated one.

Dart Pride is a tangible thing.  It's an envied thing.  My siblings and Mom are proud to all have sported the brown and gold, to come from a high school rich with tradition, to be among many students who are 3rd, 4th, and even 5th generation attendants of Davis High.  Our great-grandparents attended school together.  Many grandparents still attend sporting events, sharing stories of their own glory days rushing the ball in colors representing rich soil and glistening wheat that helped this community prosper.

Yeah, Davis High is a good place.

Congratulations Class of 2014.  Davis sent off it's 100th class in style.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

{Tribute} Three Years


It is twenty minutes into June and I am nearly a month late in recording our anniversary.  Such is our stage in life.  It seems that week to week we are in a different part of the country.  Not a bad thing.  Just a little flurried is all.

We didn't vacation this year for the first time since our honeymoon.  We knew we'd be traveling soon--gone for an entire summer.  So instead we played it low key, finding quirky, unique things to do around town.  We felt like kids and it was great.  My favorite part of the day was painting pottery.  Thanks for indulging me.

Three years of wedded bliss has made us sillier than ever.  We tell each other constantly that we're so glad we're such good friends.  You often ask me if I look at you and think, "What in the world was I thinking?"  You ask why I ever said yes.  And though there are many reasons, the first one that always comes to mind is your kindness.  I fell in love with your kindness.

Thanks for being mine, heart and soul.

Happy 3rd Anniversary.



(Photograph by Jami Leavitt)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

{Travel} New Orleans--French Quarter

Yikes.  My last post was on May 2nd.  A lot has happened since then.

First things first.  We moved to Louisiana for the summer.

I wish I had been better at recording all of our first impressions of the South.  It is gorgeous here.  And also very foreign in many ways.  The roadkill is diverse (armadillos, lizards, and something frightening with huge claws and a stubby nose), the trees are immense, and the food is as delightful as everyone said it would be.

I have a bunch of fun little details to share about our first couple of weeks here, but I'll start with our colorful afternoon exploring the French Quarter of "N'Ahrluns".  Our first stop was a mask shop.  We were drawn in not by the masks but by the air conditioning.  The masks were just a bonus ;)

^^I think the stranger behind us dropped $200 on a couple of masks for his girlfriend and himself.  They'll be quite the pair at their parties, I'm sure.  Preston laughed that he and I have been age 45 since we were 21.  I countered that we've both been stuck at age 9 for awhile...

Also, we're not mentioning how many other people have probably tried on these masks.

^^I think this is a good look for me...

One of the attractions of the French Quarter is the architecture.  Such a feast for the eyes.


^^Funny story about this door knob.  I was taking a picture of it when from behind me a man asked why I was taking a picture of it.  I said I loved the detail.  He then smiled and said he got it from Joann for $5.  Haha!

^^Nope, we haven't tried any yet.  You can be sure we will, though!

After visiting the French Market, we wandered through City Park, considering a paddle boat ride.  But we opted to sit in the shade instead and watch everyone else sweat to death on their boats.

Throughout our visit I thought of Kate Chopin's The Awakening and the film version of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  It only added to my delight with the city.

More Southern Adventures coming soon!  Hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Sonny Boy at the Zoo

For the first and likely last time in his life, Sonny Boy went to the zoo.

The emus weren't so sure
the monkey and wallabies couldn't care less
the baby goat was curious
the singing dogs were happy as can be
and the otters immediately spotted a friend who could rival them in playfulness.

Sonny Boy was so good.  He didn't bark at a thing...except for a fake cow.  Go figure.

Why it is a good idea to bring a dog to the zoo:  all of the animals come to see you.

Why it is not a good idea:  really, I can't think of anything.
(okay, except that technically it's not allowed, probably because at any moment there could be a zoo-wide freak-out of epic proportions.  However, our experience was mild and pleasant.)

*Note: Dogs are allowed at the park that surrounds the zoo, but we weren't sure if they were allowed in. With no sign indicating anything, we decided to wander through the big gates.  We made it around the whole zoo before any of the workers decided to mention something.  It was totally NBD, so please don't worry.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


This last week was one of those where the clean dishes made it out of the dishwasher and right back into the sink, where the clean laundry from two days ago is still sitting in the dryer, and where I said a lot of "Oh wells" and "tomorrow..."

I'm getting better at taking these kind of weeks in stride.  Life's days pass by fast enough as it is.  And sometimes little gems show up amid the chaos.  Like fun mail!

First came our 2013 scrapbook.  I am so pleased with it.  I spent a stupid number of hours on it--many just trying to align a color palette haha.  This is our second Mixbook, and we love the product.  The book is a reminder that among all the crazy little stresses, we have some pretty great things going on.


Second came another card from our old lady neighbor, Shirley--which she sent via USPS rather than walking it across the street.

We took her flowers for her birthday a couple of weeks ago, which we learned about only because she brought us a card on her birthday (5/6) expressing what great neighbors we are (it doesn't take much for her).  So in true Shirley fashion she mailed us another card (6/6) in gratitude:

"Dear Kelsey & Preston
Thank you so much for my Birthday Flowers. It was very sweet of you all.  Tell me when your Birthday's are and I'll send you a card.  I'm not able to write good anymore but hope you can read it. My right hand has carpal tunnel.
Your neighbor's and Friends Shirley and Don"
She must be the funniest, most prejudiced old lady with the ickiest well-intentioned fudge this side of the river.  Looking forward to cards 7 and 8, Shirley.

Lastly, Preston and I were lucky to get in an evening at the driving range last weekend before this week picked up.  The weather has been beautiful and we enjoyed wacking the heck out of our worries past and future ;)

Things won't slow down for a few more weeks, which makes me more and more grateful for a teammate who doesn't mind searching for clean underwear in the dryer.